Penguin's Best Housekeeping Service, LLC

Welcome Friends,

Do you know how to make your home sparkle with less effort? Do you wish you knew my famous 7 in 7 Every Day easy steps to follow to keep it clean at home? Come join us!

Maybe you have that special someone that helps you at home. How about giving them some extra credits? Bring a friend, bring your helper, bring yourself and come join us for some serious clean fun!

After ten years in the making, I am sharing all my clean secrets with you. No reservations!  

From the Right way to hold a vacuum to the Right way to clean a bathroom, we will go through the basics. How to make every move count, cleanwear, privacy rules, how to clean everything without moving anything. What you must do before you clean; How to clean as a team; Step-by-Step cleaning; Clean Rules; Do’s & Don’ts; Hot Tips; Clean Tricks; Breakage and, finally, how you can make every day an Earth Day.

This class kicks off with topics such as 7 in 7 Every Day, safety instructions and hands on cleaning, and concludes with a great can’t-miss finale—how to make your home look clean in 20 minutes!

Come join us for the best class ever! I look
forward to meeting you.

Best always,
Nicky Tomboulides, MBA
(The Clean Wizard)
Consultant, Penguin’s Best